May 1 - The Times They Are

Meet up with long lost friend, fellow-oboist, and spiritual compatriot

Paul Mooney

and his lovely wife

Carol at an

Indian restaurant in the Livermore Valley -- they have been living in the local area for almost as many years as we have, yet this is a first the decades out here.  Good to catch up in all ways, and how the interval has changed and not changed us.  He still plays a little oboe (and at least at some point, got pretty good at it, thanks to a little Swiss study), has studied and works in physics (electron microscopes), and has a decidedly altered, rational world-view (influenced by his partner, and close to the evolution of moi); Carol plays violin, and is rather good, so this is yet another reason to keep in touch.

Earlier in the day, Diabloway,

then the

scenic commute down the 680 corridor beyond Dublin (what a name),


for composition of page 4 fourth movement Six Enneads,

over videos with Harriet.