May 14 - Learning from our Outtakes

Third week, second day of Theory Review, with teacher-to-be

Gabby Creamer at the helm for an excellent Dictation, followed by

Brychelle Scott, with an equally intriguing Board Harmony exercise.





after, back on the homefront, composing page 3 of Six Enneads: VI, grading papers, score-studying  Samuel Barber's Overture to "The School for Scandal", through page 7, on this 55th day of summer, cooling down a little to 89...





the last session --second and last of review -- of Music Literature... Jia Fan making a nice case for not having Kanye West in the repertory, setting him up in contrast to such august composers as Frederic Chopin... with honorable make-ups following.  Out with Owen thereafter, talking of many things over shrimp and Long Island ice teas, then home again to email out part to Bela Bartok's Two Portraits: II. One Imperfect, Op. 5, to Opus Project Orchestra members, and sending out the piano reduction (which is Bartok 14 Bagatelles, Op. 6, No. 14) to Feona Lee Jones, who is wonderfully game for any keyboard part sent her way for the upcoming concert.

Also finish re-reading, late, Augustine's Confessions [in 13 Books], as part of the Britannica Great Books Series, though paralleling that publication by perusing the Penguin Edition, which has been sitting around since the first go-through at Swarthmore College many yearsa ago...