May 17 - The Bearable Lightness of Reality

A day off,


Home most of the day for needed catch-up,

although out for a

supply run,

mid, finishing the composition of Six Enneads: VI (six pages total), and emailing The Opus Project foks pdf's of Harry Bernstein's Trio,

over video with Harriet, including taking in  

Six Feet Under (featuring Thomas Newman's intriguing theme music, which has been known for years -- other musical material contributed by Richard Marvin) and the new

Metropolitan Opera-Meets-60's-Las-Vegas version of Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto.  Nice!  And think how wonderful it would be if this organization and others took so much regular care to present contemporaray works with such lavish care!  On other fronts, happy to learn that hornist Priscilla Nunn is back in the game for Opus 5, so we now have four confirmed horns, plus two trumpets, and trombone -- could use more, of course!  And Kathy Barr checks in from Old First Church, confirming San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra rehearsal and performances in 2014 as June 6-7 and October 3-4... on this 58th day of summer, high down a degree to 77 -- the coolest day since May 8th's 75...