May 31 - Dark and Light Siblings

In the local area all day -- what a surprise. 

Lots of catch-up after all the travelling,

highest temp so far this year on this 71st day of summer (98),

composing page 11 of Hamlet,

taking a happy break with Harriet to Joe's Creekside,


scenically freewaywardly to continue a


pilgrimage including a thriller, not-particularly-faithful-to-the-original version of

Arthur Conan Doyle's The Hound of the Baskervilles (Stapleton is not a lepidopterist, but, rather Mortimer's phrenologist and perishes from a bullet delivered by Dr. Watson, rather than being engulfed in Grimpen Mire, where Holmes non-canonically finds himself imperilled -- saved by his sidekick... is this the save-John's-reputation comeuppance as hero of the day, twice!?; additionally Beryl Stapleton dies: for shame!; and there is a Mrs. Mortimer, complete with a ridiculously uncharacteristic seance -- a carry-over from a plot diversion in the 1939 film).  Sometimes, you can tell a DVD by its cover....

Also finish The Britannica Great Books Volume 18: Augustine and begin score-study of Anton Webern's Six Pieces for Orchestra: I, in preparation for Opus 6.