April 30 - Sum Up

41st day of summer, which by now has included 11 days in the 80's and 3 in the 90's,

off to second day of

Diablo Valley College Music Theory review,

catching up on quizzes amongst other issues,


to grade papers and compose a third page for the fourth movement of Six Enneads




the schule for the

Literature class, the last regular one, with music from John Adams, Sting, Mark Alburger, Tan Dun, Prince, and Erling Wold -- looking ahead to the Exam, Part I...

Write 8 Bars of Music

Short Essay
Where Has Music Been? (5+ sentences)
(i.e. your thoughts on the history of music... what have you learned?)

Bono - With or Without You
Osvaldo Golijov - Oceana
Kurt Cobain - Heart-Shaped Box
Steven Clark - Amok Time
Thom York - Morning Bell
Michael Cooke - Ha Meaggel


Out with



Owen thereafter,

encountering clarinetist / composer / electronic musician Chris Knight and his beautiful beloved.