May 13 - Bloch Heads South

Diablo Valley College Philharmonic Orchestra



(including cantors)

rehearsal of

Ernest Bloch's Sacred Service (1931) -- a beautiful, haunting, and impressive work... if long...  Music Directors Owen Lee and Bret Peppo have come a long way with these groups -- and I am pleased to have been (building up the DVC Chamber Orchestra back to the point where we could re-claim the name Philharmonic) and to continue to be (playing oboe for this gig, touching base with my performance roots extending back to Springfield, Swarthmore, and Philadelphia) a part.

The edging-the-fog day begins with  the

Diablo Valley College Music Theoreticians'

Dictation / Board Harmony on Radiohead's Morning Bell,

followed by a

return home to compose page two of Six Enneads: VI.

Out again in the


the rehearsal, a bit of recruiting for The Opus Project Orchestra.  Another "eyes across the room" a la trombonist Zach Newbegin, now this time with hornist Valerie Senavsky, who coud not make the OP last month, but now can.

Also good news that contrabassoonist Lori Garvey will be joining us for the first time in The Opus Projecgt, and nice to reunion with violinist Maria Gusenkov, who is tempted (among others) to do the show, too.

After the second coming homeward, email out pdf's of Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring to OPO members, and score-study Samuel Barber's Overture to "The School for Scandal", through page 6.

54th day of summer, 10th day above 90, at 91...