May 16 - At Last

Last day of regularly-scheduled Theory (Exams next week will be held only on Wed/Thurs, and 8-10am at that... in contradistinction to our -- this semester and probably henceforward, inshallah -- Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 9:30-10:45am), and, my, we have a lot of presenters, including a Mark-look-alike, from Joey Moreno (a definite trend here... one end-of-semester featured no less than three Marks in one review session):

Tyler McKeon - Dictation of another Carl Reinecke (defintely a Tyler favorite) piece /

Kyle Kelleher - Dictation of a Doors song / Joey - Sight-Singing (take a look around, and see who you are)

Andy McCloud - Sight-Singing from Claude-Michel Schonberg(!)'s Les Miserables

Wesley Wojcik - an on-the-spot, but very interesting Board Harmony progresson of F-E-B-C-G-Bb.

Lots of tutorials thereafter, and out to lunch with Carol and others (including Wesley, and his mother and sister),







a bit





charging up

the 680 /

80 corridor under

heroic skies to ---


do we


here? --

a new


on the

North Lagoon Mountains.

On the homefront, finish re-reading Robert Bolt's A Man for All Seasons, compose page 5 of Six Enneads: VI, and deal with sending out piano score of Leonardo de Lorenzo's Appassionata, Op. 5, and parts for Witold Lutoslawski's Venetian Games.

Also am reminded by Alice Chen (Ace Carver?!), who is playing the Dmitri Kabalevsky Violin Concerto with the Mill Valley Philharmonic, that DK was an opus person (up to 102, no less)!  Fortunately, opp. 1-4 are not readily available, but, as 5 -- Four Piano Preludes -- is, send off music to the ever-game Feona Lee Jones, who seems ready to tackle anything!  This activates a reminder to begin incorporating Kurt Weill into the plan: aside from unfinished and unavailable from here opp. 5-6, the array is a spotty one from the 1923 String Quartet, Op. 8, to Tod im Wald (Death in the Forest), Op. 23, a ballad for bass solo and ten wind instruments, with a text by Bertolt Brecht (1927) -- on this 57th day of summer, high again 78.