May 19 - Was Lost and Found

A second dress rehearsal and performance of Ernest Bloch's Sacred Service (with the Diablo Valley College Philharmonic and Chorus) at

Temple Isaiah in Lafayette,

taking a break between with many familiar friendly folks, including

Lori Garvey and

Carol Reynolds.

So transported by it all, fail to notice that the wallet has gone awol (probably due to leaning so far forward when playing the oboe these days, due to occular challenges) --

driving almost to the bridge before noticing,


back to no


continuing on in

melancholy until finally thinking to check the cellphone, and -- voila! -- Lori has called to say that the billfold is found, passed on to Owen Lee, from whom it can be obtained at some point.  Relief!

Before all this, compose a second page of Hamlet and



to the musical festivities.






the way home and plan for the summer

Music History course -- 12 4-hour (!) sessions, so the best that can be conceived is each meeting as
[ 1 1/2 hours + 15-minute break ] x 2 + a half-hour quiz, focussing on the first dozen weeks of the 16-week Fall / Spring course.

With 6 main compositions per unit,

this results in 72 primary listenings for the semester...  60th day of summer, warming up again to a high of 88...