March 4 - Partially Foggy Conditionals

Up early writing another page (6) of The Decameron - Third Day: IX, discovering that the Bela Bartok Orchestral Suite No. 1 and Igor Stravinsky Scherzo Fantastique parts are available at the International Music Score Library Project.

Make the way efficiently through

sun and

fog to Diablo Valley College, where the Theoreticians gather for the Jean-Pierre Ponnelle video of Giuseppe Verdi's Rigoletto: Quartet, Ab and Db Major, F Minor (Natural and Harmonic), C Chords, Chromatic Scale, and Dictation / Board Harmony on Frederic Chopin's Piano Prelude No. 4 in E Minor.

After various tutorials,

head out,

again in light and

dark to

U.C. Berkeley Music Library to take in Benjamin Britten's A Boy Was Born: Theme, Op. 3.

Following this, past medical centers, pick up the belated Journal at the printers,










Late continued lunch with Harriet, before she departs for a photo shoot, continuing score-study of Dmitri Shostakovich Theme and Variations in Bb Major and Samuel Barber's Dover Beach (pages 5 and 4 respectively).  Upon her return, begin same for Britten over videos.