March 22 - On the Wind

Rather blustery day -- each of these weekday Break days being in the 60's (and, save for the midpoint, in the high ones... tantalizingly close to the 70 mark).

Learn the second letter of the Russian alphabet ("bey") and practice, as have these past few days, the Anton Webern Op. 3, No. 1 "This Is a Song for You Alone" (indeed intimate!). Continue score-study for Alban Berg's Altenberg Lieder, Dmitri Shostakovich's Two Fables of Krylov: The Dragonfly and the Ant, Benjamin Britten's Simple Symphony (through third page of each), beginning that for Paul Hindemith's Happy Sinfonietta (! - looks like we'll go with the video created for the composer's Cello Concerto, re Opus 3 presentation, 8pm, March 30, at Berkeley Arts Festival), and composing The Decameron - Fourth Day: Novel 1 (9).

Harriet out and about mid-day, and, upon her return, we decamp to Chevy's for a spell,

afterwards continuing endeavors there, and at home.  Email out pdf's of Ecclesiastes, or The Preacher to all Opus Project Orchestra members in the late eve, while taking in

Henry ("Skip") Lewis Gates, Jr.'s Beyond the Color Line (2002).