March 10 - Between the Lines

On another beautiful day, at last the welcome first of Daylight Savings, sun until 7pm, imagining across distances, Harriet abroad, indeed -- finish the belated February 2013 issue of 21st-Century Music, and email it off to the printers.  Complete

Infinite Corporate Music Generator, Op. 210 (2013)

        I. The Emerging Leadership Position
        II. An Environment
        III. A Quality-Oriented Customer Partnership

with texts,

pitch lines for same,

and other musics generated from online sources. 

Also deliver The Decameron - Third Day: IX. Gillette of Narbonne Craves Bertrand de Roussillon (49 pages total, of a 7-note passacaglia theme-and-21-pantonal-variations for a female doctor, after the 12-note atonal / male-physician one of Alban Berg's Wozzeck: Act I, Scene 4).  From here, proceed ahead to begin composition of

X. Alibech Turns Hermit, and Rustico, a Monk, Teaches Her How to Put the Devil in Hell.