March 14 - Fired Up

Petrol, and

proceed to


delivering Quiz 9 to the Theoreticians,

with musical examples drawn from Scott Joplin, Charles Ives, and Igor Stravinsky. 

Swing through Berkeley, dropping off Opus 3 flyers at the Arts Festival and checking the progress of the February 2013 21st-Century Music at Copyworld,

before heading to Marin for coffee and grading in San Rafael, a post-box check,

and a seeking out of

Bruce Salvisberg at his last known

location --

leaving a note hoping to re-establish contact for The Opus Project (just after hearing him as a marvelous composer last month at Opus 2!), San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra, and

life in general. 

After determining that the place is still occupied

(although an adjacent residence is open),


course to the

East Bay in a state of heightened consciousness on this tenth day (high again, as two days ago, 75) of summer,

then north on 


and home to Harriet, for videos in conjuction with a wrapping up of The Decameron - Third Day (172 pages total, 16 of which are Novel X "Alibech Turns Hermit, and Rustico, a Monk, Teaches Her to Put the Devil in Hell").  Immediately begin The Decameron - Fourth Day, Op. 211, with Novel I "Tancred  Slays  Ghismoda's Lover".