March 26 - Tree of Life

Just before heading out the door,

Monty Bairos calls in need of a substitute,

and am happy to oblige. 

So afte

the 9:30

Diablo Valley College Theoreticians receive Dictation / Keyboard-Solfege / Board Harmony on Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf: Main Theme, go another round with the 11:00 ones -- a second wonderful group -- touching this time upon material from Weeks 1 (Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No. 9: IV. "Ode to Joy" theme), 5 (Chords in C Major and A Minor, Harmonic Minor), and 7 (Melodic Minor).

Poignant lunch thereafter at Carrows, swinging scenically but non-adventurously on 4 and 80, for class preparation at home,






Heraclitian evening for Music History,

proceeding from Ralph Vaughan Williams through Anton Webern,

and looking ahead to composers born between 1885 and 1900....

C (Lydian) Blues

C Eb F (F#) G Bb C

Write Your Own 12-Tone Scale

Mix up a Chromatic Scale into a different order

Typical 12-Bar Blues Pattern

1 2 3 4

IV   I
5 6 7 8

9 10 11 12


[8885] Alban Berg - Wozzeck: Act I, Scene 3, Lullaby and March

[8890] Jelly Roll Morton - Dead Man Blues

[8891] Sergei Prokofiev - Symphony No. 3: I

[8892] Darius Milhaud - La Creation du Monde

[8895] Paul Hindemith - Symphonic Metamorphoses: II. Turandot

[8898] George Gershwin - Piano Prelude No. 2


Directly home thereafter, impossible to deal with sixth letter of the Russian alphabet ("yeh"), score-study of Alban Berg's Altenberg Lieder: I (7), and composition for The Decameron - Fourth Day: Novel 1 (13).  Yet there it is...