March 21 - Hope Springs

Decide that, with the likelihood of consulting the UC Davis Prokofiev and Shostakovich volumes on a regular basis, might be a good idea to at least take a stab at Russian --

if nothing else, at least learning the Cyrillic alphabet for transliteration purposes... so Google "Free Russian Language Textbook" and off we go (first letter: "ah")...

and speaking of googling,

a local search reveals even a picture, at start up... wow...  In other news, continue score-study re Alban Berg's Altenberg Lieder, Dmitri Shostakovich's Two Fables of Krylov: The Dragonfly and the Ant, and Benjamin Britten's Simple Symphony (through second page of each), beginning that for Paul Hindemith's Cello Concerto (although the likelihood of doing this live at so late a date is doubtful), compose The Decameron - Fourth Day: Novel 1 (8), and finish the new performance edition of Ecclesiastes, or The Preacher (Op. 3): I (five pages total).

Discover in the course of all this, Finale keyboard shortcuts for articulations and dynamics (hallelujah!),

plus how to

reduce quarter note stems to create puncta (!).

Begin creating a Facebook Event for Opus 3, discovering that banner (rather than poster) pictures seem now to be required, so, spend some time in this endeaver, first trying (not terribly successfully at this point) a landscape version of the poster, then opting for the general Opus Project banner from the website (which Jane Li almost immediately likes even before there's satisfaction at this end), ultimately settling on an altered-colorized image from  

Opus 2, which is liked enough that a decision is made to substitute this for the stretched-

Joshua-Tree image that has graced the home page since the Facebook makeover (of which this new Events change certainly still seems a part).

Do about half the invite friends regimen, before heading out for a third-and-final very-late-night / early-morning session at UC Davis's Sibley Library again (this being the last of the 2am closures of their exam week) --

this time taking a closer look at the Hindemith Lustige Sinfonietta, Op. 4,

before the place closes down for the interval.

As in the last several commutes to-and-fro,

take the opportunity to continue practicing Samuel Barber's Dover Beach, Op. 3, and, upon return finish up the Facebook invites.  Sgain, somewhere during the course of the early evening's activities send out parts -- this time for the Britten A Boy Was Born, Op. 3...

Most wonderfully of the day, however, receive a call from Bette, and spend about an hour catching up with Chris re Harvard, the Universe, and Everything, emailing later re

Plotinus (just happened to have started Volume 17 of the Britannica Great Books  - Plotinus - The Six Enneads, as well as continuing reading Boccaccio's The Decameron, now reading just ahead with Fourth Day: Novel 2... re not quite the Angel Gabriel...) and