March 20 - Revolutions

First day of Spring, with the high temp (62) the fourth coldest day of the month (after March 5-7's bookending pair of 57's, with an interior 55), beginning score-study re Alban Berg's Altenberg Lieder and Benjamin Britten's Simple Symphony, composing The Decameron - Fourth Day: Novel 1, page 7, continuing new performance edition of Ecclesiastes, or The Preacher (Op. 3): I (4), Harriet at rehearsal in the late afternoon / early evening,



evenset and

mysterious night,

finishing (after all these years) The New Grove Dictionary of Music (1980 - wrapping up Volume 20).

Once again late, in the small hours of the night, to UC Davis Library to search-and-rescue Dmitri Shostakovich's Two Fables of Kryrov,

also discovering that the holdings include the complete works of Sergei Prokofiev (unlike the Shostakovich volumes, which have a few pages of English in each, these are apparently exclusively in Russian) and Paul Hindemith, locating the German composer's Cello Concerto, and, in a definite pattern, finally finding his Lustige Sinfonietta at the very last minute as well...  Upon return, immediately begin score-study of the Shostakovich,  and somewhere in there send out parts for the Shostakovich Theme and Variations in Bb Major to all Opus Project Orchestra players....