June 7 - Through a Glass, Not So Darkly

I think it was seeing pictures on Chris's new iPhone (her first one!) 5 , and thinking: hmm...  So, take off (not without difficulty, as usual) the wretched, ugly cover (no other available) that had to be purchased after the fine, former one lost its integrity and do an experiment re photos:

With protective shield.

Without.  And thereby toss the cover unceremoniously in the trash -- adieu.  Clearly the degradation of detail occurred over months, as it gradually fogged up.  So, a new era.

The world in at least slightly better focus, as we continue to take in Branagh's four-hour Hamlet, with commentary on same, composing opera on Shakespearean same (reaching page 17), score-study of Alban Berg's Three Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6, No. 1 (system 4), on the 78th day of summer, record high for the year:

102 -- the first over the century mark --15th of 90 or above --

for the









premier one with Harriet (what's with all the ordinal numbers?) this summer,

along with re-encountering other semi-regular denizens from last year.

returning for catch-up (including the blog -- first time it's been reasonably current in over two weeks... yes, this is getting extreme), 




UC Davis Library,

and not even the initial experience of a 1-2am jaunt, this being again exam weeks, again part of the reason going is just because it is possible.  But not without challenges, with two (!) surreal late-night road-construction delays, nevertheless efficiently taking in the rest of Charles Ives's Holidays Symphony: The Fourth of July Finale and Sergei Prokofiev's Hamlet, Op. 77, happy to be in the halls and on the paths of academia future, past, and present,

on an evening

 warm enough to have

top-down convertibles on the return-freeway jaunt.