June 12 - Without Stopping

Learn all about the Western Scrub Jay, one of whom's behavior is to cruise by every 5-10 minutes all this day and squawk for 2-5 minutes directly outside.

Let us hope that, while these unruly sounds have been heard at intervals over the years, this day is exceptional.

After all, there are, alternatively, plenty of other places to disturb...

Harriet in and out (including early-evening endeavors re Fresh Voices XIII: Mischief and Mayhem postcard pickup -- very welcome, allowing for four unbroken work days locally from yesterday through two days hence -- and meeting re City of St. Francis), with composition of page 24 Hamlet, score-study re Alban Berg's Three Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6, No. 1, system 9, two-months catch-up of clerical-financial labors,






adventure (the tawdry, unimaginative sound-effects turned off at precisely at 8:45pm, on the 83rd of the season's summer days... 89... but cooling off markedly by this point to around 71), finishing off re-readings of Richard Brautigan's

A Confederate General from Big Sur (1961) and

The Pill Versus the Springhill Mine Disaster (1968), and

enlightening (recalling Edwin London's Portraits of Three Ladies* + a bit close to home) /

impressive late-night communal videos.