June 6 - In and Out [and] About

Compose page 16 of Hamlet, Op. 213, and score-study system 3 for Alban Berg's Three Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6, No. 1, over the course of the day -- Harriet having her car in for various reparations,

rendezvous'ing with her mid-afternoon at 

Pelayo's for comestibles and happy margaritic libations (with intriguing service),

lingering over matters computerly, a brief supply run,

accompanying m'lady




later to

rescue videos including

Kenneth Branagh's 1996 Hamlet, (in many ways, quite masterful and marvelous) the first and only filmed version of William Shakespeare's complete play.  77th day of summer, heating up again to a high of 91, this year's 14th high of 90 or above...