June 15 - Group Portrait

Fifth rehearsal of  

The Decameron - First Day, with this fantastic ensemble of Sarita Cannon, Kate Bautch, Cass Panuska

(and Tressler),

Jill Wagoner, and

Harriet March Page --

the initial one with the amazing Zofo-Duo and Goat-Hall/Alburger-Opera veteran Keisuke Nakagoshi now at the piano,

for a beginning strategy of keyboard-with-videos --

after the usual scenic commute. 


take a flight past a

fire on

Route 4,

just before



then surreally-marvelous


circumnavigating the

Carquinez on


bombing up homeward

past the past cinders of



Beat the heat on this 86th day of summer (on the edge at 89),

out to Murrillo's with Harriet,

then home for William Shakespeare's As You Like It from Kenneth Branagh and an 

almost-equally enlightening Client 9, in reference to Elliott Spitzer (perhaps he should have been treated more civilly in the first of the Vocal Sonatinas...) -- plus composition of page 27 Hamlet, score-study for system 14 re Alban Berg's Three Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 6, No. 1.