April 22 - Rights of Summer

Up early, encorporating new videos of Claude Debussy's Three Nocturnes: I. Clouds and Igor Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring for usage in teaching a combined class today of Theory with Bruce Cooke's Music History,






College, arriving a half-hour early, at the same time as Jovani, to become familiar with the choral room / lecture hall equipment, but it soon becomes apparent that a safer bet will be to utilize known apparati, specifically the speakers and video projector purchased years back for the St. Mary's situation, and used regularly for Goat Hall / SF Cabaret Opera and The Opus Project, etc.  Two classes in one, and all seems to go well (with J ABA bookending the situation, by assisting with clean-up and passing off a quiz),



heading up to the Arts Division






homeward in the highest temperatures of the year thus far (90 -- first at this mark, and marking the 30th day of summer... amounting to a whole month's worth of warm weather to this point) and composition re sixth-page second movement of Six Enneads for Voice and Orchestra (after Plotinus), Op. 212 and composing oneself before the 33rd and final letter of the Russian alphabet ("yah").

Also produce a poster for San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra's Moving Day (8pm, Saturday, May 4, Lick-Wilmerding Auditorium, SF), and email out parts for Rachel Condry's Brass Quintet and Michael Stubblefield's Overworld to involved players, as part of The Opus Project presents Opus 4 (8pm Saturday, April 27, Berkeley Arts Festival).

Late, deal with score and parts to Paul Hindemith's Funny Sinfonietta: I. The Gallows-Brothers - Fugato: The Big Lalula, looking towards Friday's rehearsal.