April 17 - A Puzzlement and Joy

Roger Waters's Shine On You Crazy Diamond: III for Dictation and Board Harmony --

briefly visiting Owen's class thereafter re Opus 4.

Before this,

the morning



the same-but-different -in-reverse, followed by beginning the second movement of Six Enneads for Voice and Orchestra (after Plotinus), Op. 212,  knowing the 28th letter of the Russian alphabet ("tvyordiy znahk"), and producing variant scores (i.e. parts) for Mark Alburger's Poems on Crane: The Wayfarer.

In checking the Facebook Opus 4 Event, notice that violist and Classical-Revoluton-founder Charith Premawardhana is planning to attend.

During our conversation, he posts word of the concert on The Awesome Orchestra page, and -- bam! -- within minutes, am instant messaging with about a half-dozen folks simultaneously, and have four more musicians on board for the show...

Among those communicating, Conductor Dave Moschler, and we decide to feature the Awesomes in Opus 9, with the rather retro Johannes Brahms Variations on a Theme of [Perhaps] Haydn.  Additionally, Charith and some Revolutionaries are in for the even more outre Ludwig van Beethoven in one of his Trio Op. 9 outings, and additionally, and very welcomingly, for the Anton Webern Six Bagatelles for String Quartet, Op. 9.