April 24 - Onward

The last formal (perhaps) Dictation / Board Harmony for the Theoreticians, as Sting's King of Pain -- always definitely a theme song.


the morning commute on the sunny side of the fog to

Diablo Valley College;

after, impressive bon mots and wisdom from Dog,

followed by errands (beginning with a brief backtrack and voila!... a trombonist for Opus 4, in Zach Newbegin, seeing each other across a crowded DVC ensemble, he says yes as I ask, acknowledging that he'd heard about the project during substitute teaching for Monty),

lunch at Lee's Kitchen (formerly Peking / Tokyo),



DVC to rehearse Opus 4 music with violist Christian Bumala,

and the rcapitulation to the home tonality (31st of summer, high 88), confirming with Bonnie Hughes that Berkeley Arts Festival is indeed open (it was closed last weekend, in want of a permit, which has now been obtained, but only for acoustic music, as the amplified license is c. 10 times more dear), composing page 8 second movement Six Enneads. and printin gout of score and parts for Poems on Crane: II. The Wayfarer.