August 29 - Next

There-and-back-again to DVC for Quiz 2 with the Theoreticians -- picture-less (how can this be endured!) -- then to the local ATT store, where the miraculous manager does a "hard reboot" (who knew?) and saves the iPhone 2. 

Harriet, on the other hand, feels ready to take the plunge with a 99-cent iPhone 4 (finally saving farewell to her "Beam-Me-Up, Scotty" cellphone, which once seems so de rigueur).  By the time we walk out (including tax to the tune of $70 on the "list price" of the two-generations-back gadget, plus a not-bottom-of-the-line case), there's also been an arrangement made to save on the monthly bill by finally losing Harriet's land line, but replacing it with some wireless equivalent.  This will require a c. two-hour shut off of internet service next week -- which causes grave concern, but she goes with it, anyway. 

Given the horrors that can occur with "twisting too many knobs," there is dread on the horizon, but, for now,

all's well,

swinging by the library for video enrichment,

materials from which are utilized upon return,

along with phone experimentation,

in tandem with composing page 10 of Psalm 102 and At a Medical Deposition --

158th day of summer, high a third-day-in-a-row of 93 (66th 90+).  By now, have sent out all sendable music for The Opus Project presents Opus 8, plus a schedule for tomorrow's rehearsal....