August 19 - The First Day, Again

Well, well, here we go, and a pleasure, of course, as usual! 

Bright students,

bright day --

what can be better? 

Lots of other joys, too... but this is certainly among 'em. 

A glitch, however, and it turns out to be a very serious one, at that, is that the Music History blog is not displaying a majority of the pictures -- in particular, the early visuals put on the site (updates seem to be holding true).  A further puzzlement is that the other early blogs (,,, do not seem to be affected (well, at least be thankful for this).  Re-uploading the pictures does work (yet the code for the original display is still intact, as are their analogs in Picasa Web Albums).  It certainly puts into question all the other blogging that has been uploaded since January of 2008, including this record...  However, in looking around for other viable options, Google Blogspot / Blogger still seems elegant and straightforward, so will continue in this arena for now...  Backups should be essential, however, and it looks like the pdf backup of the early entries at may come in handy over the next few days, unless this problem can be otherwise easily fixed (start a thread on the Blogger Help Board, and, while some response has been received, nothing has changed in this regard. 

For now, a financial run,

lunch at




time with Carol, beginning the composition of Psalm 102 ("O Hear my Prayer, O Lord"), Op. 201, No. 14, and At a Medical Deposition, Op. 219 (inspired by a episode transcribed by Harriet), and composing / recording With No Thoughts of Plagiarism: 1882 Stravinsky / Orff, Op. 216 --

continuing some of these endeavors solo at







sky- and moon-







Bay Bridge


City for

San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra board meeting, in the chatty company of Erling and Lisa, both now cancer survivors (!),

then home late to Harriet, on the 148th day of summer, high 104 (59th 90+, 15th 100+), but a comparatively more moderate 93 in Pleasant Hill, and a very mild 74 for SF (though downright chilly, of course, by the evening's visit).