August 23 - New Arrivals and Departures

The replacement

washing machine arrives,

and it is quite a


the updated model featuring

new bumps and grinds,

with a net result of near

televisiony cleanliness,

on the 152nd day of summer,

high 91 (62nd 90+),

watching relavatory / sobering videos with Harriet,

while composing the fourth pages of Psalm 102 and At a Medical Deposition.  Also do some reconstruction on the site, particularly re the third-oldest entry + Sergei Prokofiev, Olivier Messiaen, and Alan Hovhaness -- discovering a Catch 22: re-uploading the pictures (or any editing, for the matter) results in all the audio tabs playing the last-sound-file-on-the-page.  This must be fixed by re-pasting in all entries in the html mode (not a welcome task when some pages have 5-10 or more sound files, and this must be double-checked against the versions stored in Cyberduck, since, over the years, a new nomenclature has evolved).  Now beginning to make photographic backups of all online material...