August 17 - Making Choices

With Harriet at the local library, stock up on informational videos, and begin with a bang,

After Innocence (2005).  Is there anything good about this country?  Any country?  Hopefully so, finishing up the score-study of Sergei Prokofiev Autumnal Sketch, Samuel Barber Two Choruses: II, and Benjamin Britten Our Hunting Fathers: Prologue (respectively 7, 5, and 6 systems) + page 14 of new orchestral performance edition The Twelve Fingers: XII. March -

high 91 (57th 90+), 146th day of summer temperatures.

Also do a fair amount of clean-up, beginning to put scores away from Opus 1-7, plus deal with parts for Arnold Schoenberg's Six Orchestral Songs: I.  Later in the evening (weird sounds out and about... cruise around, but to no avail, after a mid-day of controversial computer guest usage, etc.), record Psalms 97 through 100 (part of Psalms, Book IV, Opus 202), and begin editing Elijah Rock: 26 and Psalm 101.  Designate the instrumentations heard at Opus 7 as Instant Orchestrations, Op. 217, and 218 final collection of Psalms, Book V.