January 23 - Glimmers Around the Gray

Up and out into the overcast,

with the cast of tens that are the Diablo Valley College Music Theory crew, featuring Review (already) of Week 2 material, Dictation and INterval Board Work on Kyrie IV, and a brilliant first composition by Kody Bergstrom.

A backroom lunch at Carrows, mini-rehearsal with bassist Nate Chamberlain re The Opus Project Ensemble excerpts (Igor Stravinsky - Symphony No. 1 in Eb: I, Op. 1; Anton Webern - Passacaglia, Op. 1; Dmitri Shostakovich - Scherzo in F# Minor, Op. 1; and Benjamin Britten - Sinfonietta: I, Op. 1). returning for logistical and promotional work re the Opus 1 show, and composition of The Decameron - Third Day: VIII (8).

Also prepare to send out the SFCCO Spring 2013 Call for Scores.