January 15 - Dawn of Civilization, So to Speak

Up again at this new ridiculous time,

but from another perspective,

not bad --

winging it to

Diablo Valley College for the second day of

Music Theory -- Lowell Mason's Mary Had a Little Lamb for Dictation and Keyboard / Solfege, followed by Board Work on Retrograde Motion.

Swing around to Berkeley,

picking up the December 2012 issue of 21st-Century Music,

lunch at a local,

finishing score study of the Stravinsky Symphony in Eb: I (just the first three pages, as a fanfare),

back to DVC to recruit a few musicians for the upcoming Opus Project: Opus 1 Event.


to begin The Decameron - Third Day: Novel VIII. "Ferondo, Having Taken a Certain Powder, Is Disinterred by the Abbot, Who Enjoys his Wife".

returning for the night class, where folks are initialy stacked up all over the place, once again.  Alas am obliged to add no one at present, the powers-that-be being quite adamant that we tow the line at 40 max.  Besides, a reasonable class limit makes for a more genteel and sane experience, although have enjoyed all the extra energy in the past.  In any case, we make it from beginning, introductory material as represented by R. Strauss's Also Sprach to Varese's Poeme Electronique, looking ahead a bit more as below:

C Major Scale:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1(8)
Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do

Black Notes on a Piano Keyboard:
C# D# F# G# A#
Db Eb Gb Ab Bb

Five Ways of Producing Sound:
Wind (Aerophone)
Solid-Body (Idiophone)
Drum (Membranophone)
String (Chordophone)
Electricity (Electrophone)

[1970] Richard Strauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra: I. Einleitung
                                        (Thus Spake Zarathustra: I. Introduction)
[1980] Gustav Holst - The Planets: I. Mars
[1981] Alan Hovhaness - Symphony No. 50 ("Mt. St. Helens"): III
[1981] Edgar Varese - Poeme Electronique (Electronic Poem)
[1988] Senegal - Greetings for Podor
[1998] Yurok (California) - Women's Brush Dance


Out after with Owen and Doug for just about the first time in a year, then home late.