January 14 - First Day of the Rest of Our Lives, Again

Here we go.

Day 1 of the Spring Semester 2013 at Diablo Valley College,

at a new,

earlier time

(an alarming rising time, yet traffic still not bad, and parking decidedly better.

Treble Clef and C Major Scale for the Theoreticians, dictation a somewhat stylized version of The Trumpet of Tutankhamen or Richard Strauss's Also Sprach Zarathustra opening, depending on the point of view (plus Board Work on musical spelling).

Extended views and lunch thereafter, homeward to continue score study of the Stravinsky Symphony in Eb: I (page 2) plus lateral over to finish composition re The Decameron - Third Day: Novel VII. "Tedaldo Elisei Delivers the Husband of Monna Ermellina from Peril of Death" (24 pages total).