November 2 - Swarthmore Student Alumni

4th Annual Swarthmore College 
Student and Alumni 
Composers Concert
3pm, Saturday, November 2, 2013
Lang Concert Hall
Swarthmore College


Martin Carillo
     Identification (2013)

               Movie Excerpt / Film Score

Lacy James
     Circles of Swallows (2013)

               Lacy James - Voice and Mandolin

Mark Alburger
     Portraits of Three [Flute] Players, Op. 11 (1978)
          I.  Music for Marilyn
          II.  Anne's Ten-Dollar Music
          III.  The Mountains of Colorado (for Carol)

               Deborah H. How - Flute
               Mark Alburger - Piano

Bradley J. Carter
     Word Leathers to Shield from a Windless Winter (2013)

               Zachery Tanner, Viola

     Draconic Algebra (2013)

               Bradley J. Carter - Voice and Electronics

Ben Kapilow
     Flat White (2013)

               Ben Kapilow - Piano

 Ben Thomas
     Things Happen to Bears (2005)


Clif Kussmaul
     Canon for Kotekan with Gangsa (2013)

               Clif Kussmaul, Ben Kussmaul, Christy Roysdon - Gamelan

Jeremy Rappaport-Stein
     Six Songs (2013)

               Clara Rottsolk - Soprano
               Andrew Hauze - Piano

Peter Schickele
     Dream Dances (1988)
          I.  Minuet
          V.  Sarabande

               Deborah H. How - Flute
               Mark Alburger - Oboe
               Thomas Whitman - Cello

Gabriel Riccio
     Winding Through Angles (2009)

                    Samuel Lorber - Alto Saxophone

Please join us in the Upper Lobby of Lang

for a reception following the concert sponsored by the

Swarthmore College Department of Music and Dance
Alumni Relations Office
& Friends of Music and Dance at Swarthmore


Nice to see, among others at this impressive concert, Jerry Levinson and, of course,

Bette and George.






latter to


and much later to visit Steve and Hilary, and Elaine and Mike --

followed beyond this with late blogging and email missives re Music Literature and schedule for San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra's second Fellow Travelers rehearsal.

The day begins with more vibrant fall colors in

rehearsal for




high 70

(with the related crest of again 75 reached back in the California locality, the 216th such day of summerlike temperatures for the year).