November 19 - Rain Reign, Reign of Rain

First precip of the Fall 2013 season (aside from the just-pre-autumnal-equinox-aberration of September 21's... and, indeed, before this, only the second rainfall since May 6),

careening down mercifully clearer (though not weatherwise, of course)

freeways than yestermorn,

rendezvousing with the Diablo Valley College

Theoretians for the last formal Dictation / Keyboard-Solfege / Board Harmony (Week 14 of the semester), being Sting's King of Pain.

Head home thereafter, experiencing a related situation -- i.e. a bit under the weather on this 'neath-heavy-cloud-cover day,

returning to meet the evening class for a pilgrimage from The Police, Mark Alburger, and Tan Dun, through Erling Wold, Prince, and Osvaldo Golijov... looking ahead as below.

Write Four Measures of Music
(Make it beautiful and/or dangerous / exciting / humorous / interesting / etc., etc....)

Write a Short Essay About One of Your Favorite Pieces of Music
(Why is it a favorite?  Is it great?  What makes it great [or not so]?
Who wrote it?  Who performs it?)

[8970] Michael Cooke - Ha Meaggel
[8977] Mason Bates - Warehouse Medicine
[8977] Kanye West - Heartless
[8979] Mehdi Hosseini - Baluch
[8986] Lady Gaga - Poker Face
[8986] Ryan Ross - I Write Sins not Tragedies


Out with Owen afterwards to the spot, thereafter, then homeward again for Composition of page 49 Double Piano Concerto ("Fellow Travellers"): III, and score-study re a second sheet of Bela Bartok's Duke Bluebeard's Castle: Door 5.