November 18 - Eventual Theatre in the Round

Check out a DVC Music Theatre class in the afternoon (one never knows, re Goat Hall / San Francisco Cabaret Opera, and Opus Project),

after related inspection in Owen's class (preparing to substitute several days hence),

after a rather belated arrival at DVC (six phone calls placed to relate the situation, none successful), where the Theoreticans have heroically and patiently been awaiting -- thank you! 

As reward: Seventh Chords in G, C, and F + excerpts from Philip Glass's Satyagraha and Akhnaten as Dictation / Board-Harmony...

the morning commute, one of the most chequered in recent memory, due to freeway standstill --

diverting first south on Peabody to more congestion,

then reversing course northward, westward, ultimately southward,

via Foothill,

Pleasants Valley, and

Cherry Glen: ultimately,

back on course beyond North Texas to

680 through

Solano into

Contra Costa. 

Homeward sans incident, a gathering of the video tribes at the local biblotheque,

then taking in the first amazing one, over composition for page 48 Double Piano Concerto ("Fellow Travellers"): III.  Also begin score study of Bela Bartok's Duke Bluebeard's Castle: Door 5, with page 1.