September 9 - Fire on the Mountain

21st-Century work,

editing an article on Malcolm Arnold,

then out,

in view

of a

distant conflagration


Mt. Diablo,

to rendezvous with the Theoreticians for the beginning of Week 4, initialy featuring G modes and Dictation / Board Harmony on the Orkney Islands Hymn to St. Magnus.

A session in Monte Bairos's class, lunch,


Finale work with Carol before heading home to Harriet,

on the hottest day of the month yet: 102 (73rd at 90-or-above, 17th 100+) --

on the 169th day of summer.

The only recourse

is to head to the

pool again,

returning for

lucky videos into the night, interspersed with the composition of page 21 for Psalm 102 and At a Medical Deposition, plus fifth systems of continued score-study re Igor Stravinsky's Two Poemes of Verlaine: I, Paul Hindemith's Three Songs: I, and Kurt Weill's Quodlibet: I (finishing this latter).