September 7 - That's the Way It Goes

Design promotional images for The Opus Project presents Opus 9,

the banner based on James Baillie Fraser's

The Life and Ages of Man,

the square image partially on a Robert Indiana 9.

Harriet buys a new printer, so we are off on another tech adventure, also spending some time fixing her missing Subject Lines in email + repairing a vanished Spotlight Search in the Finder Toolbar -- not Menu Bar... and that distance in vocabulary makes all the difference in the restoration, on another hot day (167th of summer), high 97, the hottest of the month so far, and 71st 90-or-above for the year,

composing page 19 for Psalm 102 and At a Medical Deposition

on the way to

video madness, with

William Wellman.

Also continue score-study of Igor Stravinsky's Two Poemes of Verlaine: I, Paul Hindemith's Three Songs: I, and Kurt Weill's Quodlibet, with a third system for each...