September 5 - A Foggy Emptiness

Wake up to no internet,

and the "easy switchover" promised by





After Quiz 3 for the 


Harriet calls to say that the

two-hour morning switch has

still not occurred.






errands, but with the chaos of a familiar fixit man, and general consternation,

figure it's high time to go to UC Davis Library to reconoiter with scores for Opus 9, namely

Paul Hindemith - Three Orchestral Songs
Kurt Weill - Quodlibet
Samuel Barber - Symphony No. 1
Alan Hovhaness - Piano Quintet
Benjamin Britten - Soirees Musicales

Among the unattainable?

Darius Milhaud - Piano Suite
Dmitri Kabalevsky - Piano Concerto No. 1
Dmitri Shostakovich - Three Pieces for Cello and Piano

Call Erling on the way to, and we determine instrumentation for the fall San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra show

1111 1100 Pf 10111

Though we will most likely have

1123 2200 Pf 10111 -- and, who knows?, perhaps low brass, percussion, and violin II will arise...

Return to street parking in Davis,

then domicileward again,

composing Page 17 of Psalm 102 and At a Medical Deposition,

in tandem with videos (Santa Rosa not as its unique exotic self, but as anytown USA), on the 165th day of summer, a high of 89 bookending with September 2 several slightly cooler temps.  Despite all the tension, or perhaps because, a very levely evening together, nonetheless, with ecstatic joy.

Also begin score-study of Igor Stravinsky's Two Poemes of Verlaine: I, Paul Hindemith's Three Songs: I, and Kurt Weill's Quodlibet -- a system each...