October 4 - Busting Out All Over

While cataloguing recent pictures, refer to the Wikipedia article on sculpture, which eventually links up with the so-called Venus of Moraveny, a Willendorf, etc., model at c. 19000 BC,

Closer to the present, take in Neill Fergussen's The Ascent of Money: The Financial History of the World (2009),

Brian Cox's Wonders of the Universe (2011, highlighting the Arrow of Time and the Second Law of Entropy in arresting visuals, seemingy in the tradition of the former and other post-millenial documentaries and other films), plus

William Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part II (1599), from a 2012 production of the Henriad (the Bard's second historical tetralogy -- Richard II, Henry IV, Parts I-II, and Henry V -- though sometimes including the historically after [though literarally prior first, continuing with Henry VI, Parts I-III, and Richard III), the four plays re-christened here as The Hollow Crown (2012) -- all three presentations of the evening amazing, intriguing, stunning -- while composiing page 45 of At a Medical Deposition and Psalm 102 on the

193rd day of summer, high 81.