October 16 - All Aglow

Down the


corridor, for Week 9 review with the Theoreticians, plus short videos re Igor Stravinsky's Histoire du Soldat, Symphony of Psalms, and The Flood; Edgar Varese's Octandre, Anton Webern's Five Pieces for Orchestra, Op. 10; and Alban Berg's Wozeck: Act I, Scene 3;

as well as many stimulating Student Compositions of Round 2,

including Colton's.

Homeward (high 80 on the 205th day of summer) -- eventually rendezvousing with Harriet, who has been on yet another job -- to compose page 2 of Communist Manifesto, troped on Arnold Schoenberg's Die Gluckliche Hand over

several more

amazing videos,

in the evening light,

and lack thereof.