February 14 - Valentines Heights

First day of summer (local high of 73), appropriatedly on this hot-blooded annual celebration, with the spicy challenges of

 Quiz 5 (with musical examples from Josquin des Pres, Henry VIII, Costanzo Festa, Louis Borgeois, Thomas Morley, and Claudio Monteverdi) for the


Charge over,

via a very flowery Franklin Canyon,

to Marin in heightened spirits (somewhere in there grading papers, taking an extremely brief but eventful soft stroll by Crestwood Rock, and finding financial greetings at the post box),

ultimately reversing course past Pinole,

over the Carquinez to

American Canyon

and beyond to Fairfield,



and the Lagoons (South Mountains



Flower and candy and out flagrantly and fragrantly with Harriet to Joe's Creekside Cafe for appetizers and drinks, returning to compose Out with Owen and Doug thereafter, then an endgame composing The Decameron - Third Day: VIII (24) and score-study Igor  Stravinsky's The Faun and the Shepherdess: III and second pages respectively of Anton Webern's In Swift Light Vessels Gleaming and Benjamin Britten's Phantasy.