December 24 - Creatures Were Stirring

Design a Christmas / Holiday Card, and send out to all, with a second invite to The Opus Project presents Opus 12 (8pm, December 28, Berkeley Arts Festival, 2133 University).

Also post word of the latter on San Francisco Classical Voice



the Event including two

cover designs,



Eve that further features a

car ballet re 

standard maintenance for Harriet's vehicle, which will be driven in the adventure north, next week.

An active interval, composing page 21 of The Decameron - Fourth Day: II, last-minute Yuletide shopping, and

burning / sending out the year's CD gifts (Angles and Divots, Complete Works, Volume 29) --

over videos,

in tandem with H's related endeavors, less-or-more (although the former at least featuring a predominantly Philip Glass score)

appropriate.  Also, amazingly, another summerlike day -- high 71 -- the first 70-or-above since November 28 (itself amazingly late, and now this): 229 of the year...